How to track SEO success?. The Complete SEO Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

By this stage, you should have a pretty good understanding of SEO. But how do you measure and track the performance of your efforts? The most obvious answer is just to track the amount of traffic your website gets from organic search.

If youre using Google Analytics, you can quickly view your organic traffic by going to:

Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Organic Search

If you dont use Google Analytics, you can check current and past estimated organic traffic in Connekt Teacher Site Explorer.

If this number is going up, then youre probably doing something right.

You could also track keyword rankings in Rank Tracker. If youre ranking #5 for a keyword one month and #1 the next, then thats another sign that youre doing something right.

However, while theres no harm in keeping an eye on organic traffic and rankings, these two things are known as vanity metrics because they often bear no relationship with your overall marketing or business goals.

Its much better to track metrics that have actual business impact.

Lets explore just a couple of these metrics.

Monitor organic Share of Voice (SoV)

Organic SoV is the visibility of your brand in search results compared to the competition. Its important because theres a relationship between SoV and market share.

You can track organic SoV in Connekt Teacher Rank Tracker. Just add the keywords that are important to your business and give them an appropriate tag.

From there, head to: Competitors > Overview

If you havent done so already, add some competitors. Then check the Visibility tab to see what percentage of all clicks for your tracked keywords land on your website compared to your competitors.

Track conversions from organic traffic

Conversions occur when a visitor to your website performs a desired action. That can be anything from clicking a link to making a purchase.

If youre using Google Analytics, you can track conversions for purchases and pretty much anything you like. You can then filter for conversions from organic traffic and compare periods to see what impact your SEO efforts are having on the things that matter.

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