Configure Visual Studio for Azure development with .NET. The Complete React Native Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

Visual Studio includes tooling to help with the development and deployment of applications on Azure. This guide will help you make sure that you have Visual Studio properly configured for Azure development.

Download Visual Studio 2019

If you already have Visual Studio 2019 installed, you can skip this step.

Install Azure workloads

Launch the Visual Studio Installer and validate that you have the workloads Azure development and ASP.NET and web development are installed. If either of these workloads is not installed, select these workloads to install them.

Screenshot of the Visual Studio Installer showing the Azure development and ASP.NET and Web Development Workloads selected

Authenticate Visual Studio with Azure

When debugging apps through Visual Studio, Visual Studio can use your Azure account to authenticate and access Azure Resources with. This account is also used when you publish apps directly from Visual Studio to Azure.

To authenticate your Azure account from Visual Studio, select the Tools > Options menu to launch the Options dialog. Navigate to the Azure Service Authentication options and sign in using your Azure account.

Screenshot of the Visual Studio Options Dialog showing the Azure Login

Next steps

If you also use Visual Studio Code for development in .NET or any other language, you should also configure Visual Studio Code for Azure development. Otherwise, proceed to Installing the Azure CLI.

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