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What is LINQ Operators in C#?. The Complete Microsoft .Net 6 LINQ Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

In this Video, I am going to discuss the LINQ operators in C#. Please read our previous Video where we discussed the LINQ Extension methods and how they are implemented. As part of this Video, we are going to discuss the following two points.

LINQ Operators in C#

What are LINQ Operators?

The LINQ Operators are nothing but a set of extension methods that are used to write LINQ Query. These LINQ extension methods provide lots of very useful features which we can apply to the data source. Some of the features are filtering the data, sorting the data, grouping the data, etc.

What are the Categories of LINQ Operators?

In LINQ, the operators are divided into the following categories:

  1. Projection Operators
  2. Ordering Operators
  3. Filtering Operators
  4. Set Operators
  5. Quantifier Operators
  6. Grouping Operators
  7. Partitioning Operators
  8. Equality Operators
  9. Element Operators
  10. Conversion Operators
  11. Concatenation Operators
  12. Aggregation Operators
  13. Generation Operators
  14. Join Operators
  15. Custom Sequence Operators
  16. Miscellaneous Operators

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