Data types in TypeScript. The Complete TypeScript Developer Course 2023 [Videos].

Whenever a variable is created, the intention is to assign some value to that variable but what type of value can be assigned to that variable is dependent upon the datatype of that Variable. In typeScript, type System represents different types of datatypes which are supported by TypeScript. The data type classification is as given below:

Built-in Datatypes: TypeScript has some pre-defined data-types-

Built-in Data TypekeywordDescription
NumbernumberIt is used to represent both Integer as well as Floating-Point numbers
BooleanbooleanRepresents true and false
StringstringIt is used to represent a sequence of characters
VoidvoidGenerally used on function return-types
NullnullIt is used when an object does not have any value
UndefinedundefinedDenotes value given to uninitialized variableAnyanyIf variable is declared with any data-type then any type of value can be assigned to that variable


let a: null = null;

let b: number = 123;

let c: number = 123.456;

let d: string = "Geeks";

let e: undefined = undefined;

let f: boolean = true;

let g: number = 0b111001; // Binary

let h: number = 0o436; // Octal

let i: number = 0xadf0d; // Hexa-Decimal

User-defined Data Types: Apart from built-in data types, user can also define its own data type. User-defined types include Enumerations (enums), classes, interfaces, arrays, and tuple.

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